Peace Lutheran Church



Worship Time:
Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM


P.O. Box 97
11202 B2250
Bessie, OK 73622
(580) 337-6344


About Us

Since 1893, Peace Lutheran Church in Bessie has enjoyed a long and wonderful history of pastors, people, and acts completed by the people through the grace of God. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Peace Lutheran has maintained a place for worship and the administration of the sacraments to all those who would hear and believe the Word of God.

We, the current members of Peace Lutheran Church, are honored with the good fortune to have received this unique heritage and tradition.

The events which occurred during the last 100+ years have covered a wide spectrum of human experiences; birth, death, marriage, illness and healing, drought, floods, storms, crop failures and bountiful harvests, economic depression and seasons of prosperity, social changes, war and peace, ethnic tensions and ethnic harmony, and the tragedy of murder.

Throughout this history, in both the good and the tragic times, the church has been unfailingly faithful and constant in fulfilling its basic mission to preach the gospel of salvation, to instill and nourish Christian love and tolerance, to promote peace and harmony, and to provide solace and comfort.

This vital mission was accomplished by the devoted efforts of dedicated ministers and lay-leaders, and a fundamental spirit of love, mutual support and good will on the part of all the members.

Today, the members of Peace Lutheran Church are committed carrying on this rich tradition while creating a future bright with hope and promise.

And so to Christ who is the true Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, we bow our heads in thankfulness for what has been ours to behold in the past and rededicate our lives to further and greater service to Him.

We hope you’ll join us in this mission!